Jenney is a very knowledgeable and professional clinician. She took excellent care of my teenage daughter and had a caring approach. In her own time, Jenny researched my daughter’s health conditions and medication, so the advice she gave was exceptionally thorough.
I cannot recommend ‘Feet First’ highly enough. Thank you!

In late June this year, I damaged my Achilles and leg tendons quite severely and, as a result, could hardly walk. A & E were more concerned about the possibility of DVT above all else and, when this was ruled out, diagnosed Soft Tissue and said go back to your GP for a referral. Stupidly I didn’t do this. My tendons were not healing and I was in trouble when quite by chance I saw the Feet First ad in Look Local, and saw that they now fix Achilles problems.

Feet first have given and continue to do so an effective service in the treatment of my feet/toe nails.Any problem I have is dealt with in a professional and kindly manner.I have no hesitation in recommending Feet-first to anyone who is encountering problems with their feet. Mervyn Stanley, Wheatley, Oxon

I have found all the staff welcoming and very knowledgeable, with skills and proficiency beyond the usual.

Just a note to say I have found the Reach-Your-Feet file very helpful in keeping down my toenails over the past two years. Oldies like me will know how difficult it is to manipulate clippers effectively – and without occasional injury – and this implement, used fairly regularly, has enabled me to take the edge off the problem (literally), safely and comfortably. Very handy! Norman Brand

I would recommend Feet First without hesitation. I have been a patient here for at least 5 years and, in that time, my feet have improved enormously. I have a rheumatic condition which means that I need to look after my feet otherwise my mobility is severely affected. Jennifer Adshead

I have been treated at Feet First for years now. Jenney Klose has always given first class care and the staff at reception are always pleasant and welcoming. I have no hesitation in recommending Feet First. Mrs H.

A few years ago I suffered badly from “Restless Leg Syndrome”. It was so severe that I was very diffident going to the theatre or cinema. I tried different medications and as these did little to alleviate the problem, my doctor suggested that I try acupuncture. I contacted “Feet First” and found that Jenney Klose practices acupuncture on legs and feet. I now have acupuncture into my calf muscles once a month, the procedure only takes 15 minutes. This has been wonderful and my symptoms have been cut by 95%. I would genuinely recommend this treatment to any sufferers of this problem. Ann C

Always friendly, efficient, and feet feel fine. Iain Barrett

Feet First offer a professional and unique service and I always seem to float out of their clinic as if walking on air. Mrs A.H. Thame

I have been a completely satisfied client of Feet First for many years. Jenney diagnosed quite a serious problem which the GP had missed. I have difficulty getting shoes that fit properly and Feet First have solved that problem also. Eva McDonnell

Just a quick line to thank you for recommending the Shock Wave Therapy as a solution to my nagging ankle problem. The three session course made a considerable difference and accelerated the healing process. The ankle now feels normal again. Thank you. Mike Ashford

I have suffered from pain and stiffness in the Achilles area of my heel for some time, which refused to respond to common treatments. My podiatrist suggested ESWT (Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy). It seemed an odd sort of treatment but was simple to administer and didn’t stop me continuing my normal activities. I had 2 courses of three sessions, by the end of which a real improvement could already be noticed and healing continued thereafter, as my own body repaired the earlier damage. I have now been totally free of pain for over 2 years with no re-occurence at all. A brilliant result. Mrs Penny

I’ve visited Jenny Klose before and on her recommendation I started a course of Shockwave Therapy Treatment in early August which has now completed in late October after 5 sessions. The improvement has been quite spectacular. Although I remain slightly lame for other structural reasons, I have no pain or difficulty with my tendons whatsoever. The treatment has not been cheap but worth every penny, being little short of miraculous in my view. Richard

I would highly recommend having the Clearanail treatment at Feet First. I had a fungal nail infection in my large toe nail. For a number of months I tried getting rid of this myself using over the counter treatments with no success. I decided to get some professional help and contacted Feet First who were extremely helpful. I decided to give the Clearanail treatment a go and I wasn’t disappointed, as over time the fungal nail infection cleared up. The treatment was painless and effective and I would have no hesitation recommending this treatment. AH

Gary & I had a very good experience with treatment for fungal nail infection using the Clearanail system and now have healthy toenails, the aftercare was very good as well. I would recommend Feet First for their excellent care and treatment plans for dealing with this long-term problem. Regards Noreen & Gary Heath.

I attended Feet First for a year due to a large verruca to the sole of my foot which was very painful & affected my walking. I have been under the care of Jenny Klose for the duration of my Swift treatment. I have found Jenny to be an exceptional Podiatrist who is skilled in many areas & combines a wealth of experience, technical ability, & open-minded approach. She has combined expertise & experience to the benefit of my situation & has provided ongoing dialogue around the treatment options available & ongoing progress & outcome. More importantly she has also acknowledged when not to treat which evidences her honesty & integrity. Jenny presents with a positive, enthusiastic & natural manner which instills confidence. Jenny’s time keeping is excellent and the practice team have all been warm, friendly, flexible & reassuring at every appointment. Thank you for the excellent care I have received. I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who requires her services. Prices are good.

Thanks to Louisa cooking my verruca with her dreaded microwave machine, my verruca has completely disappeared. I have to say I am amazed that it went, because it had seemed to be very tenacious. But I am grateful to Feet First for the successful treatment and I am converted from being your most doubting customer into one of your happiest.

After many years suffering with verrucas I tried the Swift treatment. It was wonderful, completely cured my problem. Elizabeth was so kind and understanding. I would really recommend Feet First.
Ann Carlisle

I first went to see Jenney at the Feet First Podiatry Clinic in January 2019, I was really struggling with both problematic knees and tricky feet which seemed to complicate each other in terms of walking and footwear.

My first Consultation was really thorough and professional, Jenney is clearly an expert in her field.

As well as the clinical side, in terms of diagnostics and helping me understand the issues I have and how best to manage them, the practical advice Jenney gave me was so very useful – in terms of helping me balance form, function and attractive footwear!

We discussed custom made orthotics at this appointment but it wasn’t until Summer 21 that I invested in a pair and I can honestly say these have made a difference in terms of reducing pain in both knees and feet. A real investment in my mobility which benefits me now and gives me peace of mind that I have taken steps that will help maintain my mobility in my future – I am so pleased I took the plunge!

Karen Merriman, Thame