Schedule of Fees (effective from 1st April 2023)


Podiatry First/Re assessment & treatment (Payable in advance, at the time of booking)£75.00
First Assessment - child under 12 years£57.00
Podiatry (routine)£57.00
Podiatry 15 minute consultation£43.00
Diabetic Review£62.00
Dressing Change£34.00
Local Anaesthetic (additional charge on top of appointment)£60.00
Toenail Cutting (after first assessment)£40.00
* Accompaniment and parental consent needed for those under 17

Other Treatments

Manual Therapy£43.00
(£32 if paying in advance for 9 treatments = £288 in total)
(EWST) Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
Course of 3 sessions 1 week apart
(up to 5 nails)
Clearanail review£26.00

Biomechanic Assessment/Gait Analysis

Musculoskeletal / Gait Analysis£120.00
Orthotics (ready made)from £36.00
Insole Casting£50.00
Insole Casting & Semi-bespoke orthotics£195.00
Insole Casting & Bespoke Orthotics (including fitting appointment)£450.00
One-month insole review£43.00
Annual / bi-annual insole review£57.00

Nail Surgery

Pre-surgery assessment£57.00 or £75.00
Partial or total nail removal
*(includes surgery, 3 post-operative appointments and dressings.
Surgery to 1 nail costs £450.00. Surgery to 2 nails costs £650.00.)
*£450.00 or £650.00*