Podiatry in Thame, Oxfordshire

Podiatry in Thame, Oxfordshire


Feet First Podiatry Clinic opened in 2004, situated in the lovely market town of Thame in Oxfordshire. It is conveniently located on the Upper High Street, set back in a courtyard, adjacent to the short stay car park. We are a specialist foot clinic offering a range of treatments to keep you moving and comfortable on your feet.

We have a wonderful team of podiatrists who are all registered with the Health and Care Professions Council and affiliated to either The Royal College of Podiatry or British Chiropody Association. We regularly undertake training updates to ensure that we are offering the most up-to-date treatments.

At your appointment, you will be treated in a professional, caring and friendly manner. You will receive a thorough assessment, diagnosis, appropriate treatment and a plan to move forward with.

How We Can Help

General foot care

We aim to keep you moving. People of all ages are realising the benefits of taking care of their feet. General foot care can relieve discomfort, prevent reoccurring problems and save you stress and pain in the future.

Treatment for:

Children’s feet (Identify problems early)

If you are concerned, always have your children’s feet checked by a podiatrist. Treating your child’s foot condition early on may help prevent further problems later in life.

Treatment for:

Foot Pain, Gait Problems, Sports Injuries

We aim to keep you moving, healthy feet happy body. So often, joint pains and injuries further up the body can be associated with poor foot posture (flat feet, pronation, high arches). Our feet are, after-all the foundation of our body. Podiatrists understand the causes of soft tissue and joint stress and can treat a variety of issues to get you back on track and keep you moving and mobile.

Treatment for:

  • Flat feet, fallen arches, high arched feet
  • Tired aching feet and legs
  • Heel pain (including plantar fasciitis and achilles tendinopathy)
  • Ankle pain (sprained ankles)
  • Forefoot pain (mortons neuroma, bunion pain, joint pain)
  • Knee pain
  • Shin & leg pain

Skin Conditions

Nail Conditions

Foot Derformities

Foot Pain

Musculoskeletal Assessment

Diabetic Foot Health

Children’s Feet

Specialist Treatments

Feet First – Providing Podiatry Treatments in Thame, Oxfordshire

Feet First – Providing Podiatry Treatments in Thame, Oxfordshire