feet first - verruca treatment

SWIFT for the treatment of verruca – NO LONGER AVAILABLE AT FEET FIRST.

The following is for information only.


What is swift?

Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licenced for the general treatment of skin lesions such as warts and verrucae. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue. The microwave energy generates heat, focused under the probe to target the wart/verruca.

How many treatments will I need?

At least 3 treatments are required but further treatments could be necessary.

What should I expect?

Treatment involves a 15-minute appointment at monthly intervals, each one consisting of several timed bursts of microwaves, each a few seconds long.

How microwaves work

Microwave energy rapidly elevates tissue temperature and creates precise, localised cell destruction.

Infected tissue can exist several millimetres below the surface and can often be difficult to treat using traditional methods, resulting in either untreated tissue or significant damage.

Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose. As microwaves travel into the tissue, water molecules begin colliding and creating localised heat energy—quickly destroying all infected tissue within a predetermined path.

In just seconds, the treatment is complete and the healing cascade begins immediately. Treated tissue is quickly replaced, repaired and regenerated.

Does it hurt?

Like many treatments for skin lesions, some minor discomfort will be experienced. Before treatment, your podiatrist may decide to reduce the verruca with a blade. Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift liken it to a pain similar to an injection or a sharp burning sensation, lasting 2-3 seconds then quickly subsiding. Any prolonged pain may be treated with painkillers as used for a headache.

No change will be apparent immediately after the treatment but after a few days you may notice a difference.

What happens after treatment?

The treatment takes a few seconds and you may need a small dressing. In some cases, the treated area may feel sore for a few hours but it will not prevent you undertaking normal activities.

Can anyone receive this treatment?

Will it work?

Warts and verrucae are difficult to get rid of in adults. No treatment is guaranteed to work, nor can it be guaranteed that Swift will be successful. However, the lesion size and/or level of pain may be reduced after the treatment even if the lesion has not completely resolved. Research has shown there is a 78% success rate.


With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions would be able to have this treatment.

You cannot receive this treatment if :-

  • You are pregnant
  • Have a pacemaker
  • Have a metallic implant in your foot or ankle
  • Lesions on the hands can be treated

The verruca/wart may darken, develop a blood blister, or develop more dark spots up to 2 weeks after treatment. It may start to shrink in from the edges and reduce in thickness.