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Clearanail – for the treatment of Fungal Nails

Clearanail is a treatment for Fungal Nail infections

Clinically proven to help banish fungal nail infections


For years fungal nails have been a challenge for podiatrists when it comes to treating their patients. This very common condition causes nails to become unsightly, thick and uncomfortable. Traditional over-the-counter treatments are largely ineffective because the active ingredients usually cannot penetrate the nail enough to get to the whole of the infection.

What is Clearanail?

Clinically proven Clearanail is an innovative new concept using a specially designed hand-held device that applies tiny holes into the nail plate (controlled micro penetration) which creates micro pathways in the nail plate allowing deeper access to the areas of infection without damaging the nail bed beneath. Each of the tiny holes can be drilled in less than five seconds using an intelligent drill that can sense when it is through the nail plate. These holes allow the topical treatment, which must be applied regularly, to reach the infection effectively.

How many treatments are needed?

Usually one treatment is needed and it is considerably cheaper than laser treatments. However, while it has a very good success rate, fungal infections can be stubborn and further treatments may be necessary.

How is it done?

Firstly, the podiatrist will prepare the nail(s) and then using a usually painless procedure, a small drill will create tiny holes on the affected nail so that the fungal treatment can fully permeate through to the nail bed when applied. The drill has a sensor on it and is designed to stop when it gets through the nail and reaches the base.  A sharp sensation can sometimes be felt on areas of thinner nails and along the cuticle.  It is rare for the procedure to be painful or uncomfortable.

With your consent, photographs will be taken for comparison purposes at all stages of treatment.

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Post Clearanail Treatment

You will initially be provided with 1 bottle of Lamisil Spray to use on the nails. This must be applied once a day for a minimum of 16 weeks or until the nail has grown out clear.

It is common for the skin on the feet to also be infected. It is therefore, advisable to treat the skin at the same time with an antifungal daily for 16 weeks. Cover the skin on the top and bottom of the feet and between the toes but avoid the nails as the holes will become clogged. The antifungal Lamisil Once may have been recommended. This is a slow release product. If Lamisil Once has been used prior to the Clearanail being applied, then an antifungal should be applied after a week, once a day for 16 weeks. This can be continued on a regular basis now and again to prevent reinfection once the nails and skin are clear.

Shoes should be sprayed once a fortnight with an antifungal, available from Feet First. Also recommended is a shoe sanitiser such as Steridry or Sterishoe, both available through online retailers. These claim to kill 99% of all microbes.

What does it cost?

Please see our Schedule of Fees for the Clearanail prices.


Basically, it’s fantastic, after many years of struggling to achieve results with other products. It truly works and I would highly recommend it to others.” Jane